Increasing the power output from your CB radio doesn’t necessarily mean fitting a linear amplifier between CB and antenna. There are many circuit board only linear amps that can be wired directly into the CB and fitted inside the case doing away with all the extra cables and wires that comes with using an external amplifier.

RM Italy PCN 60 Stinger Board

  • Covers 26-30 mhz, CB and 10 meter amateur bands
  • Amplifier drive input power 1 to 5 Watts
  • Output power 25-35 Watts (depending on input power)
  • All mode operation FM/SSB/CW/AM

A small linear that can fit neatly inside radio equipment this 35 Watt stinger has a small current consumption when compared to the 100 Watt + models available.

RM Italy PCN-60 Stinger Board

RM Italy PCN 60 Stinger Board

RM Italy AD 203 Stinger Board

  • Covers 26-30 mhz, CB and 10 meter amateur bands
  • All mode operation FM/SSB/CW/AM
  • Amplifier drive input power maximum 4 Watts
  • Max output power 150 Watt PEP
RM Italy AD 203 Stinger Board

RM Italy AD 203 Stinger Board

Important Points when Using a Stinger Board

Fitting a linear inside your CB is going to a little bit of understanding of how the circuitry works along with a basic knowledge of electronics and the ability to use a soldering iron.

Heat Sinking

The plate on the back of the RM stinger is there to act as a heat sink to keep the linear amplifier circuit cool when it is being used. Fitted the plate directly to a metal CB radio body will increase its effectiveness but will not work properly with plastic. By spreading a heat sink compound between plate and CB chassis the excess heat will transfer easier from one to the other.

Power Supply Load

The built in power supply may not be rated to handle the current needed to power the CB radio and linear at the same time and its advisable to take the power for the stinger board from the raw 12 VDC before it enters the CB circuit board. If you are running a mobile unit at home from a 13.8 VDC power supply make sure the combined current rating is enough to supply both linear and CB radio.

Always fit an inline fuse in the 12 VDC cable going into the CB to give extra protection for CB and amplifier.

Even though there are few around these days some CB radios plug directly into the mains supply and using this type of CB with the stinger will bring you back to the problem of an underpowered power supply inside the CB. Either run in a separate 12VDC feed for the amplifier or upgrade the CB’s built in power supply to deliver the right amount of current for the linear.

Stinger VS External Linear

In terms of operation there is no difference between a stinger board and fitting an external linear amplifier with the only constraint being with the amount of available power. Stinger boards are limited in power output by the size inside a CB radio and the lack of proper heat sinking available.

An external linear can be as powerful as you like and upgrading or replacing a faulty one is a whole lot easier then swapping out a stinger board.

If you are in any doubt about fitting a linear amplifier inside your CB radio then DON’T do it, messing with the wrong thing will turn your radio into a very shiny doorstop.

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