If you have never experienced the sheer simplicity of Fatboy Linear Amplifiers before you may be deceived by their spartan outward appearance. With the minimum of dials and switches these boxes can sometimes look like most everyday bench power supplies.

The output of Fatboy products range from the simple mobile linear amps giving a few hundreds watts to the massive base station models with a power output that exceeds 4,000 Watts all kept cool by the many fans built into the amplifiers outer casing.

What Makes Fatboy Amplifiers Fly!

2SC2879At the heart of every Fatboy product is a range of high power output transistors like the 2SC2879A.

Even though the 2879 has a high maximum output the only way to create the output for some of the bigger Fatboy amplifiers is double of triple up on these transistors until that power level is reached. The construction of any high power radio frequency amplifier is crucial with the placement of every component worked out to give maximum power transfer with an efficient cooling system.

Easy Product Descriptions

Fatboy’s way of treating each amplifier as a purely functional piece of equipment extends to the way they name their products. Instead of wasting time thinking up cool names that could be better spent building us more of these lovely burners they generally call the models by the amount and type of components used.

For example the smaller amps designed for adding a little extra juice to a mobile setup are called Fatboy 2×2290 Linear Amplifer AM 10 meter Modulator leaving you in no doubt how it was made and what it does. The same goes for some of the extremely powerful base station amplifiers they build like the “32×2879 Base 3200 watt” which at a glance tells you its a base station amp using 32 high power transistors with a 3200 watt output(RMS).

Spice it up

Because the amplifiers come in a plain metal case we have seen many people add their own personalization by decorating them with stickers or even spending the time to splash around a bit paint (just don’t cover up any of the vents!)

If you want lots of read out data and an array of flashy lights then the Fatboy range of linear amplifiers may not float your boat, but if you just want a box that will deliver the extra power you need to the antenna without having to mess around with it then these may just be what you are looking for.

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2 Responses to Fatboy Linear Amplifiers

  1. Chas Cutler says:

    I am looking for a 100 watt linear.. I would like to have that little boost. I had one years ago but sold it when I got out of the CB’s but now I would like to find a 100 watt kicker. Can you help me out.. Thankyou.. Chas…

    • Dusty Bin says:

      Hi Chas

      The RM Italy KL 200P is a good basic 100 Watt Linear that works great on 27 MHz and can be found on this page

      If you need any help with its use or installation just add message here or email us via the contact page.

      All the best

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